Frequently asked questions

What is CDPAP/Home Care?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is a Medicaid service that allows you to have control over the care you receive and who you receive it from.

What is LCHSA?

The Licensed Home Care Services Agency allows for Medicaid recipients to access specialized and individual care from licensed caregivers and nurses.

What are the requirements for home care?

In order to receive home care you need to be a Medicaid or Medicare recipient, above 21 years of age, and in need of at home service.

Who chooses my care provider?

For your home care service you have full control over who provides you with your at home assistance. DHCare will make sure that your caregiver of choice will be properly educated in administering care.

What are the requirements for being a caregiver?

The caregiver has to be at least 21 years of age and legally eligible to work in the US.

How long does the Home Care approval process take?

The Home Care approval process traditionally takes about one month however times can vary from case to case.

What are DHCare's Hours of Operation?

Feel free to visit our office or call our office number between the hours of 9.30-6 Monday-Friday. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Is my Medicaid Insurance affected by Home Care?

CDPAP and Home Care services are programs created by Medicaid and so enrolling in them will not affect your preexisting Medicaid services.

Why DHCare?

At DHCare, every member of our team is dedicated to making sure that our patients are cared for and attended to. At DHCare, we will treat your family, like we would our family.